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Tutorial cara update driver vga amd radeon hd 8750m ke software adrenalin di laptop acer e1-451g dengan mudah ...

Bahan :

Driver hd 7640g non GCN :

Driver hd 8750m (pilih mau yg mana terserah, di video saya pake yg versi 18.12.3) :

Oh iya, ini untuk windows 10 ya tapi jika pengguna windows 7,8 ingin mencoba silahkan. Jangan takut gagal dalam mencoba karna itu suatu pembelajaran bagi kita. Semoga tutorial ini bisa membantu bagi kalian yg bingung dalam mengupdate driver vga AMD kalian, terutama bagi yg laptopnya APU dual VGA ...
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Saya dapat kabar di windows 7 gk bisa pake cara ini, saya kasih link caranya untuk windows 7 di bawah :

Need For Speed : Payback on AMD Radeon HD 8750m | Frame Test ( FPS Test) BMW M5 Top Speed 330 KM/H

Need For Speed Payback FPS Test on Acer e1-572g AMD Radeon HD 8750m / AMD Radeon HD 8600 / 8700 2GB (2018) Gameplay Benchmark

Results: 1280 x 720, low settings, 30-40 FPS

Why was this HIGH END HP PROBOOK so disappointing? i7 16gb Ram Radeon HD 8750m

Discord link: https://discord.gg/arU3MJt

In this video we take a look at a computer I aquired that i attempted do do some budget gaming on. inside is an i7 4702mq, 16gb ram, and an amd hd 8750m. The games i tested were fortnite battle royale, player unknowns battleground pubg, granf theft auto 5 gta v, rust, and many more. The laptop in question is an HP Probook 450 G1

Script (as much as I could fit):

Here I present to you the most disappointing computer I've ever dealt with. I worked with pentium 4s, amd k-series chips, and even worse. But, this computer is disappointing for a whole other reason. But, before we get into that, let's take a look at the specifications of this laptop. Specifically, the laptop in question today is an HP probook 450 g1. This computer was released back in 2014 with a variety of options and configurations and reached prices of over a thousand dollars. Initially, it seems that this 450 g1 came with an intel i7 4702mq, 8gb of ram, a 750gb hard drive, a 15.6 inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768, and a radeon hd 8750m with 1gb of vram. These specs were plenty powerful for when it released and honestly, they still hold up pretty well 6 years later. However, our model had a few parts swapped out. Whenever I get a new computer, the first thing I do is format the hard drive to avoid messing with any sensitive data, but previous to this I did a bit of research of its model number to get an idea for what I'll be expecting upon opening it up. So, I anticipated some old hard drive and 8gb of ram, but instead was greeted by 16 gb of ram and a 250gb samsung evo 840 ssd which really took me by surprise. Clearly, there were a few system upgrades done to this computer, but whoever did them forgot to replace a few of the screws but hey, that just made it easier for me to remove the components. But how, I hear you asking, how is this computer disappointing? Well, after I removed the ssd, formatted it , and stuck windows 10 on itI quickly realized why one would have gotten rid of this computer. Towards the top of the screen there were multiple black circles running across the laptop which made its usage rather annoying. In addition, the charging port was all sorts of messed up and was very fiddly to get correctly connected, and also, when I first removed the charging cable, the charging port came out with it and was stuck inside. Luckily though, I was able to get it out though and eventually got it properly reconnected. So, even though this system packed a decent amount of power, its damage significantly impacted its resale value and made it unworthy to give to a friend who definitely could've used it, and that's what makes it the disappointment it truly is. Regardless, it still was pretty powerful so I downloaded a few modern games like gta v, pubg, fortnite, along with a few others and began testing. The benchmarks today were recorded externally and were run with a variety of settings that will later be specified and were all played in a resolution of 1366 by 768. But, enough of that, you came here to see if this old laptop could game, so let's get right into the testing.

To begin, I tested grand theft auto five. With all the purple vs green alien beef in online mode, i opted to remain in the campaign and drove around a bit. For this test, I wanted to get as high a frame rate as possible and ended up running all settings at their lowest. And unfortunately, the bottleneck of this system immediately emerged in the form of the 8750m. It was pinned at nearly 100% during gameplay and remained so throughout many of the benchmarks. But for the test of gta v, the rest of the hardware was able to pull through and achieved an average framerate of 35 fps.

Next, i ran some fortnite battle royale. This game has a feature where it automatically detects the ideal settings for one's system and after using that function, it unsurprisingly set them to their lowest with a 3d resolution of 62%. However, although the 3d resolution does significantly impact how the game looks overall, as well as its performance, I still raised it up to 100%. After a few minutes of testing the average frame rate was 49 fps and ran pretty well. However during testing i noticed that the gpu was almost always running near 100% while the cpu rarely breached 50%, further demonstrating the large bottleneck created by the weak dedicated graphics chip.

Next i ran some player unknown's battlegrounds with all its settings as low as possible and achieved an average fps of 29. Although it was playable, it wasn't very enjoyable, and it probably wouldn't be a good idea to play this game on this computer and expect a victory. Additionally, once again, the gpu was a severe bottleneck, with every other component not running consistently at its maximum capacity.

Following pubg I ran a bit more peaceful game on this system and played some minecraft. All settings were at their max with 15 chunks and the game ran ve




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